Articles from Ingeniøren

We are proud to announce that multiDC work was mentioned in Ingeniøren journal!

article at Ingeniøren

1. “Optimizing the market-clearing algorithm can save the Nordic electricity grid millions every year

The proposal by multiDC is to include piece-wise HVDC loss factor and AC lines loss factors. The outcome would decrease the flows between zones with zero price difference and the system losses, while AC line loss factor inclusion provide optimal power flow. Link to article

2. “New research: Balancing the frequency can be much cheaper with HVDC connections

The multiDC addressed the Nordicpower system frequency balancing issues during low system inertia hours, and proposed a method that potentially saves millions of DKK for the end customers. Link to article

The credit for this impactful work goes to Andrea Tosatto and Matas Dijokas!