March 26, 2018


High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) connections play a key role for the efficient and  stable operation of the future system. Their ability to control power flows,independently regulate active and reactive power, and their significance in coupling electricity markets, present multiple opportunities, that if harnessed, can provide the flexibility to guarantee both a secure and market-efficient power system operation.

The goal of this project is to develop innovative methods for the optimal coordination of multiple HVDC lines and HVDC grids in systems with high shares of renewables. We propose solutions to enhance power system security and optimally integrate DC lines in electricity market operation. In that, we consider both the complex interactions between AC and DC systems and the stochastic generation of renewable sources. Part of the methods will be tested in real-life applications.

A Dansk Energi study shows that a 10% higher export capability between Denmark and Germany results to additional revenues of 113 million DKK for Denmark. This project aims to unlock the HVDC potential for additional revenues. Through better HVDC control and coordination methods, we expect savings exceeding 100 million DKK per year for Denmark, without the need for additional investments.


The developed methodologies for optimal AC/DC grid coordinated control will use complex stochastic optimization, develop advanced computational methods, and propose new approaches for full integration of HVDC into coupled electricity markets. Novel advances in power systems control, e.g. synthetic inertia, will be employed and extended to ensure power system resiliency. MULTI-DC will have the unique ability to demonstrate our methods in real-life applications involving the Kriegers Flak project.