September 28, 2021

multiDC Demonstration Event on October 28, 2021 at DTU in Copenhagen, Denmark

The multiDC project and the Technical University of Denmark have the pleasure to invite you to the multiDC Demonstration Event on October 28, 2021 at DTU in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The event will include keynote talks, presentations about state-of-the-art research, live demonstrations, and a panel discussion.

We are looking forward to welcoming you physically in our DTU campus in Kgs. Lyngby (20 mins away from downtown Copenhagen). For the ones unable to join physically, we also plan to stream the event live on Zoom and YouTube.

The focus is on the North Sea Wind Power Hub, the European vision for constructing artificial islands in the North Sea to tap the 180 GW of offshore wind potential, and the optimal coordination of HVDC interconnections to transmit bulk renewable power across Europe.

The main topics will be:

  • What are the challenges moving towards Energy Islands and zero-inertia offshore AC and HVDC grids ?
  • How can HVDC help support the frequency and allow the sharing of reserves among countries?
  • What are the next steps for the integration of Energy Islands and HVDC interconnections to the European Grid?

Three live demonstrations will take place in PowerlabDK at DTU, including a Hardware-in-the-Loop demonstration of a low-inertia North Sea Wind Power Hub  using the  RTDS facilities at DTU.  The other two demonstrations focus on the stability of Zero-inertia Offshore power systems with grid-forming converters  and how we can achieve improved frequency support throughHVDC in the Nordics.

During the day, besides the panel session, discussions over the lunch break and the cocktail reception will facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences in integrating large shares of renewables, both offshore and onshore, over HVDC lines and grids.

You can find more information about the multiDC project here: Registration for the event is open until October 20, please sign up here:

We are looking forward to welcoming you at DTU Lyngby on Thursday, October 28, 2021! Join us for exciting discussions on upcoming challenges and state-of-the-art solutions!