Ph.D. student Andrea Tosatto successfully defended his thesis!

MultiDC member, Ph.D. student at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Andrea Tosatto successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Optimization and Market Integration of Multi-Area AC/HVDC Grids”!  High-Voltage Direct-Current (HVDC) technology has proven to be an essential tool for the design of transmission grids and for the integration of RES. Thanks to their technical properties, HVDC[…]

Ph.D. student Georgios Misirys successfully defended his thesis!

MultiDC member, Ph.D. student at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Georgios Misyris successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Towards Zero-Inertia Power Systems: Stability Analysis, Control & Physics-Informed Neural Networks”!  Large-scale integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), as well as the installation of new High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) lines, poses new technical challenges concerning the[…]

Enabling better HVDC coordination for frequency stability: multiDC discussion with Nordic Analysis Group!

Two multiDC Ph.D. students, Andrea Tosatto from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Danilo Obradovic from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, presented their work to Nordic Analysis Group (NAG) consisting of Nordic Transmission System Operators!  The work and discussion revolved around Nordic Power System frequency stability enhancement using High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnectors[…]

Ph.D. student defends Licentiate Thesis!

MultiDC member, PhD student of Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) Danilo Obradovic successfully defended his Licentiate thesis!   Danilo has shown big potential in improving frequency stability using an enhanced HVDC control. By synchronizing the control actions of several HVDC links, their droop based supplementary action relieves the work that primary frequency control (FCR-D)[…]

Team meeting

Eighth multiDC workshop

The eight multiDC workshop adapted to “new normal” and again held online! The focus of the meeting was the NSWPH and its influence on the power flows and frequency in the Nordic power system. The feedback from industry and various TSOs were positive and new analysis directions are identified! Apart from that, the discussion started[…]

article at Ingeniøren

Articles from Ingeniøren

We are proud to announce that multiDC work was mentioned in Ingeniøren journal! 1. “Optimizing the market-clearing algorithm can save the Nordic electricity grid millions every year“ The proposal by multiDC is to include piece-wise HVDC loss factor and AC lines loss factors. The outcome would decrease the flows between zones with zero price difference[…]

Cigre e-Session 2020

Great news – three multiDC papers got accepted in highly regarded Cigre Session 2020 conference on new and emerging technologies in electrical power systems! 1. “The North Sea Wind Power Hub: System Configurations, Grid Implementation, and Techno-economic Assessment” prepared by Misyris, T. Van Cutsem, J. . Moller, M. Dijokas, O. Renom Estragues, B. Bastin, S.[…]

Team meeting

multiDC workshop – online!

These challenging times due to the COVID-19 virus forced everyone to adapt, but we are happy to announce that the seventh multiDC workshop was organized – this time online! The workshop was organized into two sessions: a technical committee and a steering committee. During the technical committee, work packages 2-5 were addressed, where the EMT[…]

multiDC Demonstration Event on September 19, 2019 at DTU in Copenhagen, Denmark

Find below the demonstration material! Slides and videos: Jacob Østergaard (DTU) – Welcome to the Center for Electric Power and Energy – VideoFitim Kryezi (Energinet) – Presentation of the North Sea Wind Power Hub and the role of interconnections – Video – SlidesLena Kitzing (DTU) – Political visions meeting market and regulatory challenges for North Sea offshore hubs –[…]

Workshop at Energinet

Workshop at EnerginetDK

On 6. – 7. in March, multiDC had its fifth workshop towards “Controlling the power flows”. This time the event was hosted by Energinet in Fredericia, Denmark – headquarters of Energinet! During the main session, the discussion was focused on the North Sea Wind Power Hub operation in zero-inertia, the political context of the project,[…]