September 17, 2018


This page lists:

  • multiDC publications: the published work which is a direct outcome of the research carried out within the multiDC project,
  • relevant publications from the multiDC team during the same period, which are directly associated with this project.

multiDC publications

  1. G. Misyris, S. Chatzivasileiadis, T. Weckesser, “Robust Frequency Control for Varying Inertia Power Systems,” ISGT 2018. in press.
  2. D. Obradovic, M. Ghandhari, R. Eriksson. “Assessment and Design of Frequency Containment Reserves with HVDC Interconnections,” NAPS 2018, in press.

Associated publications from the multiDC team

  1. A. Venzke, S. Chatzivasileiadis, Convex relaxations of Probabilistic AC Optimal Power Flow for Interconnected AC and HVDC Grids. 2018. Under review.