Cigre e-Session 2020

Great news – three multiDC papers got accepted in highly regarded Cigre Session 2020 conference on new and emerging technologies in electrical power systems!

Cigre e-Session 2020

1. “The North Sea Wind Power Hub: System Configurations, Grid Implementation, and Techno-economic Assessment” prepared by Misyris, T. Van Cutsem, J. . Moller, M. Dijokas, O. Renom Estragues, B. Bastin, S. Chatzivasileadis, A. H. Nielsen, T. Weckesser, J. Ostergaard, F. Kryez.

The paper present comparicon of NSWPH zero-inertia and low inertia topology comparison in terms of stability, techno-economic analysis and more!

2. “Assessment of HVDC Frequency Control Methods in the Nordic Test System” prepared by Obradovic, M. Dijokas, T. Van Cutsem, R. Eriksson, M. Ghandhari, A. Tosatto.

In the paper current and future frequency stability state of the Nordic power system is presented, and the promising solutions to counteract the decreasing inertia in the grid! Further, the results are presented using multiDC developed Nordic Test System!

3. “Market Integration of HVDC Lines: Cost Savings from Loss Allocation and Redispatching” prepared by Tosatto, M. Dijokas, D. Obradovic, T. Weckesser, R. Eriksson, J. Josefsson, A. Krontiris, M. Ghandhari, J. Østerdaard, S. Chatzivasileiadis.

The paper discuss HVDC line loss allocation inclusion into market optimization problem and possible implications for TSOs and end customers. Further, an economic analysis is presented on the risk minimization of dimensioning incident in the Nordic power system and what are the remedial actions involving HVDC lines.

There is no need to say that the work was achieved by great communication and coordination between all member of multiDC!