Ph.D. student Georgios Misirys successfully defended his thesis!

MultiDC member, Ph.D. student at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Georgios Misyris successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Towards Zero-Inertia Power Systems: Stability Analysis, Control & Physics-Informed Neural Networks”! 

Large-scale integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), as well as the installation of new High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) lines, poses new technical challenges concerning the stability of the electrical power system, the accurate system modeling, and the real-time dynamic security assessment. To ensure the secure and reliable operation of power systems with high penetration of RES and HVDC interconnectors, advanced control methods and new operational tools are required.

This thesis aims at highlighting the fundamental challenge of low- and zero-inertia power systems from two distinct angles: i) controller design of converters on the power system stability and ii) analysis tools for time-domain simulations by evaluating the appropriateness of existing reduced complexity models for converters.

You can access Georgios’s Ph.D. thesis at this link.

Georgios has been a key member of the multiDC project and we would like to thank him for the work on the Energy Islands and wish him all the best in his new career path!